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Gifs are often used in online discussions and often for bite-sized entertainment as phrases, comments, and answers. In general, gifs are used to express emotions and illustrate the concepts in an amusing way. In this article, you will be able to understand What Does Gif Stand For. 

What Does Gif Stand For or mean?

What Does Gif Stand For? Graphic Interchange Forma is a standard form of GIF. A GIF is a small, animated, no-sound image. GIFs are commonly used as memes to represent an emotion or a reaction. Such as in the example used to display shock:

what does gif stand for?

Most of the GIFs were moving icons in the early days (e.g., blinking “Buy Now!” buttons).  Yet with the advent of social media, GIFs have made a comeback, because they are the ideal medium for animated memes. The GIF image format had become so popular by 2012, that it was called “GIF” as the word of the year of the Oxford American Dictionary.

What is a GIF

A GIF is simply an image file, at the most basic level. You know about animated Gif. It is a collection of images to produce fast soundless looping graphics that looks like videos. Its file size is small because its easily sharable through, email, social networks, and text, etc. unlike videos.

gif mean

Invention and development of GIF

American computer scientist Steve Wilhite originally created GIFs in 1987 as a way to compress images for downloading files, animating them, and simple graphics on the slow, low-bandwidth Internet connections. GIFs are now mainly used on social media to give hyperbolic reactions.

What actually is the GIF file

A GIF is simply a collection of images that are put together to create a short, soundless video clip that plays on repeat. Because of their short length and low quality, they usually have a small file size which makes them ideal for use in online articles or social media sessions of your friends.

Gif is an image file format, where the animation is created by attaching different frames or images in a single file. In comparison to what is done in JPEG image format, gifs use the compression technique, also known as the LZW encoding. This does not affect the image quality and it ensures the file is conveniently stored in bytes.

How to pronounce GIF

There are two think tanks on how to pronounce GIF. Most people take the strong “g” sound from the word graphics (like in the word guess) in Graphics Interchange Format and pronounce the word /gif/.
A smaller group of people, use a soft “g” (like the word gibberish) because grammatically, a “g” followed by the vowel “I” tends to be pronounced with a soft “g.” This tends to result in GIF being pronounced in “JIF”, just like the brand of peanut butter.
Although it is commonly pronounced as ‘gif’ with the hard G. Steve Wilhite insists on his pronunciation as ‘Jif’ on the one who created the word himself. But Steve Wilhite, who formed the term himself, insists on pronouncing it as ‘Jif’.


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