What Does Lmk Mean in Texting?

What Does Lmk Mean in Texting? | What Does Lmk Mean?
What Does Lmk Mean? What does Lmk mean in texting? Lmk is one of the words you should use to inquire about it. Meaning of LMK. LMK stands for.

This acronym is a word you hear all the time in daily life. What does LMK mean in texting?

In a text message or somewhere else, did anyone ask you to “LMK”? If you were left wondering how to respond to an acronym so foreign, then read on! what does LMK mean in texting?

Lmk is an acronym for let me know.

The abbreviation is used in the same manner as the spelled-out expression, but informal correspondence, you can stop it.

If you need someone with more details on things to get back to you, lmk is one of the words you should use to inquire about it.

What LMK Means?

what does LMK mean in texting?

LMK is pretty well known and a common term that you would typically hear spoken in face-to-face conversations. It’s merely someone’s invitation for information, usually anytime they would be able to supply the information in the future. You might say that it’s the equivalent of saying, “When you have a response, get back to me about this.”

How to Use Lmk?

In work-related correspondence, Lmk is an abbreviation you might use. However, if a formal tone is needed for the contact in question, or if you think the person you’re emailing does not know what lmk stands for, it might be wise to stop using it. In that example, only use the complete form instead. If you do use it in formal correspondence, notice that when it comes to capitalization, continuity is essential. In informal conversation, continuity is still good to see, but it’s not as important.

Examples of LMK in Use:

Example 1

“I think I’m coming down with something. Lmk, I can change the reservation.”

Example 2

“Lmk when you get the newest report.”

The Opposite of LMK

LYK, which stands for Let You Know, is the opposite of LMK. LMK is a request for data, while LYK is a pledge to supply data.

what does lmk mean in texting

If you need some time to think about your plans for the future, a decision you need to make, or an opinion you need to give someone, you may say, “I’ll LYK,” as a commitment to get back to them when you’re ready with the right details.


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