What Does WBU Meaning

What Does WBU Mean

WBU is an acronym for asking, What about you? We mostly use it during online chatting with friends on social network sites such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. Most people do not know WBU meaning, so here i will discuss this slang word in detail.

What Does “WBU” Stand for?

WBU basically is an abbreviation of “WHAT ABOUT YOU?”.  Mostly people use this term during online chatting with their friends.

It is used in the same way as people use the phrase in their conversations.

What Does “WBU” meaning?

Now let’s see what does WBU meaning? It means to get the opinion/suggestion of another person. Such as if the first person tells that “I’m hungry. WBU?” to the second person. The second person tells his opinion and replies, yes I am also hungry.


Friend 1: Do you want to go to Sana’s apartment for the party tonight?

Friend 2: Sure, it’ll be fun. What about you? Do you also want to go?

In this example, the second friend uses this WBU to clear that whether the first friend also wants to go to a party.

Why Do we use WBU?

There are many reasons for using it. We use it while we are using short terms in our online chatting because we feel difficulty in typing the full form of words that’s why we simply use abbreviations instead of typing full words. Because everyone is in a hurry and they want to save their time.

Can We Use WBU Formally?

We cannot use WBU on formal occasions such as in an interview. As it is a short form of words so avoid using such short terms while we have a formal conversation.

WBU is also an abbreviation of some other words which are given below:

Wild Birds Unlimited

Wayland Baptist University

Web-Based Utility

World Blind Union

World Boxing Union

Boulder, CO, USA (Airport Code)

World Broadcasting Union



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