What Does hmm Mean In Texting?

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What does hmm mean in texting?hmm defination,hmm is slung word in chat. why most people used hmm? does hmm mean yes or not? what does it stand for?

There are lots of people who chat with their beloved people. They talk to each other for a long time in fact late at night. Nowadays girlfriends and boyfriends talking to each other at late night and showing their love feeling. They showing each other how much he or she loves us.

In Europ these kind of relations are normal but there is a lot of countries still not allowed the relationship of girlfriend and boyfriend. But when technology is more modern and spreads it all around the word it decreased distance to each other. Mobile and internet technology make people near to each other.

What Does hmm Mean In Texting?

There are most people talk to each other day and night. When they talk to each other they used mostly the word “hmm” or “hmmm”.  Most people used it but he or she does not know what does “hmm” means? Most people do not try to find its meaning its whole life but they used it.

There is the following meaning to express the word “hmm“:

The word “hmm” used it in different situations. Like if someone is very happy they used it in the text to show their pleasure moment. Like a girl saying her boyfriend, I want to go picnic along with you. Boyfriend showing there happy feeling and react with the word “hmm”.

If someone likes something which explains the other one and he also used “hmm” to show they like it.

What does hmm mean in text?

If he or she does not answer your question then he or she used hmm.

Hmm is used to break your silence but it also used to make silence and show your partner I do not want to talk you this time.

Sometimes he or she asked the question but its answer is not decidable and he thinking what I give him its answer? when they do not decide it then he or she used “hmm“. This time the word hmm I do not have the answer yet but someone else who answers it.

If he or she used “hmm” at the starting of conversation then he or she loses his or her interest in the conversation.

If he or she used “hmm” only this word you think he or she wants to end your conversation its better to leave it.

Note: There is no exact meaning of “hmm” in texting. So the people around you used “hmm” it’s own feeling.


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